Seljalandsfoss Ring Road Iceland - The Tourist Of LIfe


The Seljalandfoss

It didn’t take me to long to find my favorite piece of Iceland actually. To be precise – the Seljalandfoss was the first waterfall – the first ‘attraction’ we saw when we started our Ring Road drive. The South Coast of Iceland is one of the most popular parts in Iceland anyway – thanks to majestic waterfalls like the Seljalandfoss, the Golden Circle, the black beach of Vik and the Blue Lagoon, so I’ll take a guess and say that having the Seljalandfoss as my favorite isn’t the most original opinion.

Still, I’m not lying. Maybe it’s my favorite because it is the first ‘real’ piece of Iceland that I actually saw – after waiting so long to finally visit the country. Maybe it’s just because the Seljalandfoss truly is an unique piece of Iceland, and made a serious impression.

Before arriving at the Seljalandfoss I at first was scared we wouldn’t be able to find it. To be fair: this was our first road trip we organised ourselves – we didn’t have navigation (apart from limited usage of our phones) and we didn’t have a good idea of the Iceland roads, the signs and the attractions yet (turns out everything is really easy to find and driving feels the same like driving through a desert in the States: lonely and boring). However, the Seljalandfoss was harder to not spot than to do spot. From a far distance away I could already see the water fall down from a mountain. A fall from at least 60 meters high (no lie, I Googled afterwards).

Seljalandfoss looks peaceful from a distance, just like any other waterfall you’ll encounter. But the closer you’ll get to the waterfall you’ll start to think differently. The brute force of the water is definitely present. You can actually hear the water hit the ground, you can see the water ‘steam up’ and it doesn’t need to rain for you to need to wear your raincoat – literally my camera – and I were soaked.

And I wore a raincoat, by the way.

It’s busy around the waterfalls. Families, groups of friends (that apparently visit Iceland a lot – who knew Iceland was such a friend-destination?) and couples all seem to have gone to visit the Seljalandfoss. Still, apart from the massive sound of the dropping water, it’s quiet enough. Which means that we have enough room to watch the waterfall without getting annoyed with the other tourists. I know – I normally am the kind of girl who gets annoyed by other tourist.

One thing I really loved about the Seljalandfoss is her little brother. Literally just around the corner you can discover the Gljúfrabúi. A hidden waterfall you can climb up to, or view through the mere gap of two high, surrounding rocks. If you don’t climb up the slippery path that actually isn’t a path at all, you’ll have to settle for the little ‘sneak peek’. But that’s what makes it mysterious and that’s why I liked it.

Definitely the most magical sight I’ve seen in Iceland!