Shopping at The Sting and Going Back Home

Shopping at The Sting and Going Back Home

London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

London keeps disapearing further and further into my memories. A couple of weeks ago I could describe London in my articles as ‘I just returned home from London’ while now I have to describe it like ‘A month ago, when I visited London’. Trips are fun, but time flies when you are having too much fun and for my liking trips are just moving way too fast that way.

Luckily I am a big fan of daydreaming and while I am probably responsible for the biggest percentage of views on my vlogs from London I still hadn’t published my last one, until recently.

The last day in London was a productive one: I shopped at The Sting while nobody else was in store – what a dream to run around a store on your socks to hunt down more and more clothes to fit. 

For about an hour I shopped at The Sting, after this I followed Lotte into Liberty and I walked around my favorite part of town: Soho.

In the afternoon we stumbled upon a nice little square where we had lunch: an absolutely delicious vegetarian burger. Lunch quickly gets followed with another shopping session and unfortunately, eventually: our trip back to our hotel, to Heathrow and to Amsterdam.

Bye London, see you soon.



P.s: this vlog is filmed in Dutch, feel free to accept the challenge and learn a new language.

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