Sleeping In A Tipi At Yellowstone

When my mother told me she booked an awesome hotel where we could sleep during our time in Yellowstone I thought: luxurious, relaxing, huge beds, comfort, food and swimming. Well, not exactly. As soon as my mother showed me the reality of this awesome hotel I could kill her.. no way I would sleep here.

Absolutely. Not.

No, reality of this hotel said: bear alerts, no food, cold nights and jup: no internet.

Now, after looking back at it, it IS the most awesome hotel I have ever slept.  And quite an experience as well. Hotels like this aren’t something you see very often and therefore you probably have few opportunities to sleep in them.. that is why I wanted to share this with you!

There are some hotels (or I actually don’t think you can call this an hotel) you have to put on your ‘Before I die’-list. On top of my list for example are sleeping in an igloo hotel, an underwater hotel, a treehouse and one where you sleep outdoor, under the stars. Glamping is now one thing I don’t have to put on this list anymore, ‘cause sleeping in a tipi near Yellowstone definitely fits glamping.

Tipi Yellowstone - The Tourist Of Life
Photo via Airbnb

When arriving at the Yellowstone Under Canvas, just outside of Yellowstone national park, you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. The only thing you see is a huge meadow filled with little white tents and tipis. Very cute actually. Even bathrooms are in little tents like above! So if you want to experience the camping or glamping life you won’t have to look no further.

We slept in a tipi like the one above, but when you look at the website of Yellowstone Under Canvas you can see that there are all sorts of tents and tipis, various from camping to glamping.

It was a pretty fun experience; as you only have a tent with two beds and nothing more, you can enjoy a little quality time with your travel partners in crime, play games or read a book. No distractions, no nothing. It is just you guys and nature.

And although we had a can of bear pepper spray laying in our tent we haven’t seen or heard any bears, so yes, you are (pretty) safe! But I gotta say, one thing that I hadn’t taken into account was that evenings in Yellowstone can be pretty damn cold so just a tip for you guys: don’t be afraid to wrap up warm, sit at the fireplace and bring an extra blanket.. you’ll need it!

Tipi Yellowstone - The Tourist Of Life
Photo via Airbnb

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  • I love camping. … tipi and beautiful scenery just perfect 🙂

  • Olga Rabo

    I love this idea! Being forced to have nothing but your travel partners and the open sky definitely opens your eyes on how you spend your time travelling! Nowadays, if hotels don’t have WIFI, we usually think twice if we want to stay there.. Shouldn’t be like that, though!

  • I had no idea something like this existed! Now I want to go!

  • Looks pretty cool to me, sounds like luxury camping to me, so much space inside >:)) And in Yellowstone, what else can ask for?

  • Well this is why I love travel blogging! I had no idea this existed yet it looks like the most amazing experience. Thanks for sharing!! I seriously need to check this place out when I move back to the States for a little one-on-one with nature 🙂 – Stephanie