After one week of Corsica I learned one thing: one week isn’t nearly enough to see everything Corsica has to offer. In one week you can get an impression of Corsica, but can you say you’ve seen it all? Absolutely not. Now I think about it I guess that I learned two things while I was there. The second thing I learned is that even though it is a pretty small island you can’t stay in one hotel for your entire stay. My advice to you is: stay in a couple hotel for two or three days for two weeks, THEN you’ll get to see Corsica.


I unfortunately didn’t get to see the complete island. I saw the northern part, and as pretty as that part is the island is I did wish I got to see the southern part just because Ive heard so much stories about it. There should be a lot of gorgeous and clear beaches and of course amazing nature.


DSC_3069 DSC_3155


If you didn’t know, Corsica is a small French island, but since it’s close to Italy and since it was an Italian island first you can’t tell that it is French. The houses, streets and cities look a lot like how you’d find them in Italy.


During our stay we went to four villages (with a few stops in between): Corte, Bastia, Porto and Ajaccio, all lovely and not comparable in one bit. The first stop (Corte) was a small city up in the mountains of Corsica, the other three cities were coastal. I can’t compare them with each other since some of them were bigger then the other ones, more modern or more luxurious. But then again.. they all had the same cosy streets, little boutiques, great restaurants and a lot of culture. Corsica doesn’t really have hotspots you absolutely should see, and where all tourists are at. You just have to look around, wander and explore. I don’t think that I can describe the feeling you get when you walk down at those little cities. You just feel.. like you’re at the right place. Do I want to visit Corsica again? Yes, I can’t be negative about one thing, I mean.. look at the pictures..


DSC_3044 DSC_3102


My tips for visiting Corsica:


♣ Bring along your hiking shoes, you’ll need them. The best parts of nature are hidden. So you’ll have to walk and climb your way to them. Absolutely worth it, I can tell you! The views and lakes you’ll get to see are gorgeous
♣ Don’t stay in one place. Go from hotel to hotel to see Corsica at the best way possible
♣ Take a boat tour that will bring you to rocks like on the photo beneath!
♣ Visit both the inland as the coastal villages, they are completely different so you’ll have to visit both!
♣Definitely visit Bastia, this one was my favorite!
♣If Corse is a long way from home you can combine a trip to Corsica with a trip to Italy!


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