Cabo da Roca

While I’m not really convinced about the saying ‘travel the unknown’, knowing that ‘unknown’ really isn’t that unkown – since we’ve all met Google Streetview before – I was sure about the hike to the ‘secret beach’ our hostel in Portugal had to offer us.

For a short amount of time I was actually convinced that secret actually ment secret. And that we would find a spot only the hostel staff knew about. But after Googeling for a bit (since for the entire time of the hike our guide kept calling it ‘secret beach’), I found the name of the beach, which tells me this beach isn’t really unknown. And therefor, I can tell you about this little secret, giving you the one and only correct name.

So I’d like to introduce you to Ursa Beach, the prettiest Portugese beach I’ve seen so far.

Let’s forget the fact that I haven’t seen so many.

Before going to the beach one of my roommates, who went on the hike already, showed me the photos. I only needed to see one photo for him to convince me. ‘Extremely relaxing, amazing and a must-do’, were the words he described this little beach with. He actually wanted to go again himself, as well.

You get the point – expectations were high.

Of course, this hike to Ursa Beach (let’s stop calling it ‘secret beach’ now), was organized from out our hostel. And because my hostel wasn’t just any hostel, but a surf and yoga retreat – the hike was labeled as a ‘meditation hike’, with a relaxing yoga session on the beach afterwards – oh, and wine. I mean.. sure.

Our guide picked us up at the hostel and brought us to the start of our hike – Cabo da Roca. Which is (fun fact) the most Western point of Continental Europe. A cliff decorated with a teeny-tiny light house, and the gorgeous backdrop of endless blue waves.

Cabo da Roca - Ursa Beach PortugalCabo da Roca - Ursa Beach PortugalCabo da Roca - Ursa Beach Portugal

Our meditation hike included the following: a long stare into the distance to forget about our worries, a small stroll with our eyes closed (which was actually quite scary), and a minute of silent walking, to listen to the sounds of nature. Quite relaxing indeed, and I did as my guide told me – I took a lot of mental photographs of this pretty little part of Portugal. Even though I took a lot of actual photos as well – when the blogger in me took over.

Overal, the hike took us about one hour, nothing quite heavy or hard, you could do it yourself wearing flipflops and a bikini. While it maybe doesn’t sound ‘too hard’ or ‘too exciting’ I promise you this: during the entire hike you’ll have the most beautiful view which you can’t get enough from.

Eventually, following a small, slightly steep path down you’ll arrive at the promised land: Ursa Beach. The moment you’ll get why it’s called hidden, even though you’ll find other tourists and locals at the beach as well. Ursa Beach is fully surrounded by high rocks, and you can actually only reach it by foot. Oh, and you have to know about her existence in order to find it!

Ursa Beach is zen. And maybe I found it zen because my entire week at the surf and yoga retreat was zen enough as it was already. However, Ursa Beach didn’t dissapoint. It’s quiet here. Peaceful. But the waves are loud. They curl up and land on the beach, graceful yet strong.

I love to watch waves, I could have sat there for hours watching the waves roll on the beach. And secretly, during our yoga session, when I was supposed to have my eyes closed, I watched the waves.

Cabo da Roca - Ursa Beach PortugalCabo da Roca - Ursa Beach PortugalCabo da Roca - Ursa Beach PortugalCabo da Roca - Ursa Beach PortugalCabo da RocaCabo da Roca - Ursa Beach PortugalCabo da Roca - Ursa Beach Portugal