With the many, many short clips I shot in Zadar, Croatia I decided to make a video. Would be nice if I didn’t film everything for nothing, right? It’s not a vlog, by the way – turns out I am way to awkward to ramble into a camera in broad day light, surrounded by heaps of people – but just a short video in which I guide you through the city – just watch it;-)!

I fell in love with Zadar quite fast, and I loved the small details about the city. I loved the Greeting to the Sun, I loved the kindness of the Croatians and I loved the small little alleys that always brought you back to the ocean. I’ve heard from a bunch of you that you were also planning to visit Zadar or that you have a trip coming up quite soon, so you guys should definitely watch this video (just a bit of ordinary self-promo here) to know what you are going to see!